Highlights of my day:

Firstly, I learnt that the YA market is flooded with Angel stories and that right now very few agents are taking on clients with this sort of manuscript … And the story that I have been working/crying/bleeding over for TWO years is a what now?  *drum roll* A YA story about Angels … for the love of all that is holy!!

Upside: maybe this pretty pile of rejections that I’ve been collecting in my mailbox isn’t a reflection on my writing abilities – I’ll take that.

Conclusion: time to write a comprehensive guide to Thimble Collecting.

The second thing … you know that scene in Three Men and A Little Lady, when Sylvia’s cooking breakfast and she’s trying to tip that congealed mess of porridge out of a pan? That was me this morning. This morning I cooked a vat load of porridge into a crap-tastic pile of solidness, that I then had to spend the following few hours trying to scrape out of a pan.

Upside: the family won’t be so quick to ask me to make breakfast again.

Conclusion: Hollywood is closer to real life than I first  thought.

P.S… Thanks for all the blog love you’ve been throwing my way 🙂

P.P. S…  At some point tomorrow I’ll be posting my review of The Pledge by Kimberly Derting.


About bookishblurb

YA writer. Jedi. Junk food enthusiast. Rumored pink Power Ranger, and avid collector of book boyfriends.

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