I think I speak for every female (and many a male) who is reading the Lux series when I say, it’s not fair, I want to be lit up like the Las Vegas strip.

Truth? On my list of otherworldly creatures I wanted to read in YA, aliens didn’t make the cut. Don’t get me wrong, huge Star Wars fan over here, avid watcher of Star Trek and Falling Skies etc, but I can’t fall in love with a creepy looking critter from another galaxy … and that’s what I like in my otherworldly YA, to pick up a new book boyfriend in the form of tall, dark and without tentacles. Because that’s what aliens are, right?  Fugly, slimy and obscure looking. WRONG!

I actually stumbled across this series while searching for stories about mermaids, but when I read the description my interest was spiked and I decided that getting a free Kindle sample can’t hurt. The sample was from Shadows, a novella, the prequel to Obsidian.

Good?!  Good?! This sample was out of this world (literally) and lo, these aliens were not the creepy looking beings my small mind had envisioned, these aliens are sitting on the surface of the sun hot. And so my obsession with aliens begins.

After their planet Lux was destroyed some thousand years ago, the Luxen aliens have been living on earth and blending in amongst us thanks to their ability to mould DNA. Their existence is kept hidden from the general population. However, the DOD (department of defense) are aware that they’re here, and it’s thier job to keep a close eye on the extraterrestrials.

While the Luxen aren’t forbidden from forming relationships with humans, you might say that it is frowned upon. Secrecy is paramount, and it’s not above the DOD to make those humans that discover the Luxen’s true identity, disappear. Cue one of the most romantic, brimming with tension encounters I’ve experienced since the Bella and Edward saga. I read this book before reading Obsidian (reading still in progress) so I got to know the characters first hand. Well, cry… sob, would be more accurate. This ending was not what I was expecting at all and I cannot wait to get through Obsidian and hopefully find the answer to ‘WTF just happened?’

I don’t know how much more of a review I can give you without giving the plot away so let me tell you instead of a few reasons why I loved this story, why I’m inhaling the second book Obsidian, and why the third book Onyx is burning a proverbial hole in my Kindle. First up, the writing is brilliant. In my opinion Jennifer L.Armentrout nails teenage idiom. The narration was me in high school. This is how we spoke. Sarcasm, whit, swears. There are no rolling metaphors, bogged down by romantic flurry. No pages upon pages of justification for feelings or actions. Great. Don’t get me wrong, you can practically smell the rose scented romance seeping off the pages, but Jennifer L.Armentrout  knows that a teenage audience in this day and age find boys hot instead of handsome and that choices are made primarily from gut rather than hours/days/weeks of deliberation. Secondly, there isn’t a shed load of Sci-fi speak to get your head round. I’m a Sci-fi fan, but there are only so many conversations about Continuum Transfunctioner’s and Carbon Nanotube field-effect Transistors that I can take before my brain explodes. Finally sexual tension, that old chestnut of topics. Should they be or shouldn’t they be doing it, feeling it, or talking about it in YA lit? Whether you agree or disagree the fact of the matter is that teens do have sex. Sixteen and seventeen year-olds get horny and there’s nothing worse than reading about a couple of teens who are described as being hotter than hell and spend most of their time together swapping saliva, but the question of taking their relationship to another level never crops up.  Jennifer L.Armentrout does a great job of ensuring that our teens don’t ignore the relentless cry of hormones, without plunging her intended demographic into fifty shades of depravity. Their relationship feels very normal, natural, believable.

So, if you still don’t believe that the Lux series is for you — Aliens? Thanks, but I’d rather stick pins in my eyes — I urge you to go and do what I did, get yourself a FREE sample, because these books are definitely worth the read … now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Luxen themed literature to devour.


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