Unlikely Allies by Tiffany King

First of all there’s a character in this book called Louise!!! This excites me greatly. Why? Well, because I’ve never come across my name in a book before. Louise is a bit player and doesn’t really add anything to the story, but I just wanted to share her existence with you all. Try not to judge me, simple things pleasing simple minds and all that jazz.

Unlikely Allies tells the story of Kim/Kimberly/Beach Bunny, and the summer she spends in the mountains of Colorado at camp Unlikely Allies with her estranged father Rick.

All round good guy Rick is the proud proprietor of camp Unlikely Allies, a summer camp for foster kids. Only child and native Californian Kim, is feeling a little out of her depth when she first arrives in the mountains. Adjusting to life with her dad, the troubled kids at the camp, and the change in climate is a  challenge, throw in her father’s foster son Mason and his less than hospitable attitude, and you have the skeleton of a great story.

Mason is … well, he’s a complete arse hole, an arse hole dressed in sex-god skin. His concern for his dad’s well-being manifests itself as some less than charming name calling and mockery towards Kim. But to her credit our girl gives as good as she gets and Mason soon realizes that the girl he’s dubbed ‘Beach Bunny’ isn’t quite the Californian she-devil he’d pegged her for.

Then there’s this incident, this earth shattering incident that I can’t tell you about because it’ll ruin the story, but what I can tell you is that it forces Mason and Kim together and puts them in a situation where they only have each other to rely on. The consequences of ‘the incident’ are life changing. Hearts and bodies are at risk of being broken beyond repair.

Unlikely Allies is a great read, the plot is solid and the characters add a hearty layer of flesh to that aforementioned story skeleton. I love characters with quirks that have them owning the page they appear on. Kim’s wing-woman/camp confident Amy and her battle to kick a sailor worthy swearing habit is a genius stroke of character building and perfect example of this.

I highly recommend reading Unlikely Allies.  Waiting – not so patiently – on the next book by Ms King.


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