Easy by Tammara Webber.

**This  review  contains  spoilers**

And the Oscar for most outstanding male performance in a work of YA fiction goes to… Landon (aka Lucas) Maxfield. Lucas and Jacqueline also win the award for the most awkward identity unveiling scene, ever… read the book, you’ll see.

Lucas is the type of guy who likes to look after women. He’s a modern day knight in shining armor. Don’t get me wrong, I like to fly my independent woman flag with pride, but I equally love a guy that’s willing to throw down and defend my honor, or teach me how to defend myself. That’s Lucas.

Perfect student and budding musician Jacqueline Wallace, has shunned her music school dreams to follow her high school sweetheart Kennedy, to a state College. Big mistake. Less than a year into their college careers and babe magnet Kennedy turns into a Grade A Pleb, who decides that he wants to chuck Jacqueline in favor of chasing tail.

Jacqueline’s college experience then transcends levels of awful when Kennedy’s frat brother, Buck attempts to rape her on a darkened car park after a Halloween party. Buck might have succeeded in his attack if he hadn’t been interrupted and then beaten into submission by Lucas.

Jacqueline didn’t know Lucas existed until that night. Now he seems to be everywhere, including on the back row of her economics class.

After spending two weeks avoiding said economics class and in turn her ex-boyfriend, never-failed-a-class-in-her-life Jacqueline, is in serious danger of failing. Luckily her professor, Dr Heller, has a very sympathetic ear and he decides to give Jacqueline one more chance to get her shit together and amend her grade. Dr Heller also recommends that Jacqueline gets extra help from the class tutor, Landon.

Landon (aka) Lucas doesn’t set out with intention to trick Jacqueline, but when she doesn’t make the connection between Lucas and his studious alter ego Landon, he doesn’t put her right either. And why should she make the connection? Lucas is the guy who sits at the back of the class sketching, slacking off. Everyday he seems to be chatting to a different girl. Landon is a guy she’s never met, but the emails he sends her are dripping with intelligence, charm and charisma. The two guys (or one guy, as we know it) appear to be nothing like each other. However, Jacqueline does find herself attracted to them both.

Lucas likes Jacqueline —really likes Jacqueline— he has done for a while. The only reason he was even at that Halloween party was because he thought she might be there. But his position as a tutor is preventing him from making a move. As fellow student Lucas, he can justify getting close to her, as tutor Landon, he can’t. (I said the guy was a knight in shining armor, I didn’t say anything about him not being complex). Truth, is Lucas/Landon is as complex as a Sudoku puzzle with fractions. He has some seriously dark issues hidden in his past.

So, what happens when all the secrets slip out? When babe magnet Kennedy decides he wants Jacqueline back? And when would-be-rapist and bona fide fucktard Buck, decides to give it another shot? I’m not going to tell you, you’ll have to buy the book to find out. Seriously though, this was a brilliant read. I can’t recommend it enough. The story is solid, the characters are all easy to know and easy to like (most of them) —special shout out to Jacqueline’s  BFF Erin—  Tammara Webber has done another excellent job.


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