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I’m going to do a book review any second now, but first I just wanted to say a mammoth THANKS to everyone that took the time to comment/like my writing sample. You’re all effin’ Rock Stars!


Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols.

Okay, I have to confess that I’d never read anything by Jennifer Echols before I got my hands on Such a Rush. And I call myself a reader, pfft!! But hey, now I’m reading Going too Far, and Forget You is on my TBR list so i’m considering this situation rectified.

Leah Jones has been living next door to an airport her whole life. Not the same airport, every time her mom (and I’m using ‘mom’ in the loosest possible terms) falls behind on the rent, or bags herself a new boyfriend they have to move on to the next trailer park. A new trailer park equals a new runway next door.

Rather than drink to drown out the noise of the planes like everyone else, Leah vows to make flying her bitch.

At the latest strip in Heaven Beach, South Carolina there’s this guy who owns a hanger called Mr Hall. He’s in the business of aerial advertising and flying lessons. So, at the age of fourteen, ballsy Leah asks Mr Hall to teach her to fly. He agrees, and his (totally platonic) soft spot for Leah ensures she’ll have lessons even when her money runs out, which it does of course. She can’t afford to feed herself let alone learn to fly. All Leah has to do is get her mom’s signature on a permission slip. That’s not going to happen. There’s no way Leah’s mom is going to let her waste money on pilot lessons. Not a problem, Leah just forges the signature herself and decides to keep her hobby a secret.

Skip to eight years later and Mr Hall has given Leah a job, flying the banner planes for his business. However, tragedy strikes when Mr Hall dies and his business is left to his eighteen-year-old twin sons, Grayson and Alec. Leah has known Grayson and Alec from being fourteen. They come up from their mom’s every summer and fly the banner planes for their dad. Not that their friends with Leah, they barley speak to her despite how close to their dad she was when he died (still platonic).

Hot-headed, adrenaline junkie Grayson, has got it into his head that something not so platonic was going on between Leah and his father. His dad didn’t give away anything for free, and he assumes Leah was jumping his bones in exchange for the flying lessons. To Grayson Leah is nothing more than the airport tramp, and when he realizes that Leah had forged her mom’s signature on the flight permission slip all those years ago, he seizes the opportunity to blackmail Leah into dating his brother Alec. Why? He won’t tell Leah. He just wants her to form a bond with his brother.

There isn’t much Leah’s short-shorts and cleavage can’t get, Alec is no exception. Alec is lovely, but Leah’s had a crush on Grayson since she first meet him. Even now when’s he blackmailing her he’s the one she wants… turns out he wants her too.

So, we’ve got attitude, high stakes, blackmail, love triangle, everything to win, everything to lose, a cast of colorful characters, a flawless plot and plenty of flying. This story has (pun alert) flown into one of my top five favorite reads of this year. If like me you haven’t read Jennifer Echols, go get this book. It will be the beginning of a fantastic affair I guarantee.


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