This is the first book in the Denazen series. Book 2, Toxic, came out last week!

*This review contains spoilers*

Guys, the characters in this story have SUPERPOWERS! If like me you’re a fan of genetically enhanced humans, this book is for you.

Deznee/Dez Cross is a rebel. She’s on a mission to piss off her father because he’s a stiff upper-lip lawyer type with barely anytime for her. Which is why, when she finds a shoeless boy in the middle of the night, trying to evade men in jumpsuits, she brings him home (he’s also smokin’ hot).  

The boy Dez finds introduces himself as Kale. Kale is kind of quirky in that he talks and studies his surroundings like it’s all new to him.

When Dez’s dad comes home from work and finds the two of them together, Dez’s life is turned upside down.

Turns out Dez’s dad knows who Kale is, and it was his men that were trying to capture him. Suddenly faced with the fact that her father isn’t who she thought he was and that her mom —who she’d spent most of her life believing was dead— is alive and being held captive by her own dad, Dez finds herself running away from her father with Kale in tow.

While trying to evade men in jumpsuits and find a safe place to stay, Kale explains to Dez that he is a Six. A mutant. A single touch from him can kill a person. Only, Dez seems to be immune to his powers. Neither of them know why, but it’s an immunity that she takes full advantage of  (nudge nudge, wink wink.)

Kale has been a prisoner all his life at the Denazen company where Dez’s dad works. This thing goes much deeper than just Dez’s dad. Denazen isn’t a law firm at all. It’s a widespread organization that specializes in capturing Sixes and brainwashing them into using their supernatural abilities as weapons.

Kale drops another bombshell when he tells Dez that the reason her mom is being held captive is because she is also a Six.

Dez’s primary objective is to rescue her mom from Denazen. To do this she’s going to need help from other Sixes. She’s also going to have to get back in her father’s good graces and infiltrate Denazen, which is especially treacherous for her because she’s harboring some secret supernatural abilities of her own…

This story is fast-paced. It was a brilliant read with some high drama, action moments. There’s also a nicely slipped in love triangle to heighten the tension.

Dez is a kick-ass heroine, and Kale, with his ignorance to the modern world, teamed with his killer superpowers is a shoo-in for book boyfriend of the month. Touch is a must read for any YA supernatural/paranormal fan.


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