Hey guys,

Sorry it’s been forever since I’ve posted a review. I’m currently being tortured by a trapped nerve in my back that refuses to pack up its shit and piss off. Needless to say, sitting on a computer chair is *throws hand to head* agony, so this review will be short and sweet…

Loved this book. Go buy it!!

Hadley is flying out from America to London for her father’s wedding. Unfortunately she misses her plane by a mere 4 minutes and is forced to take the next flight. Not so unfortunately she runs in to Oliver, a Brit, who is also flying to London.

Sitting next to each other on the seven hour flight Hadley and Oliver share stories, although Hadley does most of the sharing, (she really, really doesn’t want to go to this wedding). Hadley shares with Oliver how she feels about her father, who essentially dumped her and her mother when he got a teaching position in England and created a new life for himself across the Atlantic. Now, if you’re the kind of reader that tries to guess what’s going to happen before you turn the page, you might think Oliver remains fairly elusive throughout the flight… I was thinking it. And then of course it all became clear why he seemed this way when the flight was over and the pair headed off in different directions.

Right before they are separated at customs Oliver kisses Hadley.

Hadley resigns herself to the fact that she won’t see Oliver again, until one of the guests at her father’s wedding says something that leads her to go looking for Oliver. She knows he’s going to be at a church in Paddington, she’d assumed like her, he was going to a wedding…

*angry pain in back. Can’t possibly continue* I guess you’ll just have to go buy the book to find out what exactly is going on with Oliver 😉

Normally I’m terribly allergic to third person narrative, but this story is so wonderfully written I didn’t get the urge to itch once. I highly recommend giving The Statistical Probablity Of Love At First Sight a read.


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  1. Brittany says:

    So glad you liked it! I thought it was super cute too 🙂

    • bookishblurb says:

      I’m normally such a YA urban fantasy junkie, but I keep picking up these great contemp romance titles and I just want more. Can’t get enough of it! 🙂

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