Last weekend I had a Fuentes marathon … and it was awesome!

I read Perfect Chemistry a thousand years ago and have been meaning to pick up Rules of Attraction and Chain Reaction ever since. But you know how these things go; got lost in a book recommendation tornado.

Anyway, the magic of Simone Elkeles is ever present in the pages of these two stories. Book 2, Rules of Attraction is the story of the middle brother, Carlos. And Book 3, Chain Reaction, follows the story of the youngest Fuentes, Luis.

Not unlike Perfect Chemistry, these two stories are about the trials and tribulations of two teenage boys as they find love and try to distance themselves from a gang related past. That said, there is still something unique about each tale. The brother’s definitely have their own personalities. The girls that they connect with are very unique. Shall we say, the test tubes might be the same, but the liquids inside are a different color. (Yes, that was my poor, poor attempt at a Chemistry metaphor).

The writing is solid. The stories intense. And Simone still makes it virtually impossible to tear yourself away from the pages. The romance, I think, is hotter… and the brothers are all present in each book, which made the trilogy that little bit sweeter.Hands down my favorite scene comes in Chain Reaction when the boys and their partners are all  playing Panty Discus! You know the scene. Had me filled right up to the eyes with the warm and fuzzes did that one.

So I guess the only topic left to discuss is which Fuentes is your favorite?


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