Something Like Normal

Meet eighteen-year-old Travis Stephenson. A Marine on leave, a disappointment to his dad, emotionally wrecked and ditched while out on duty by his brother’s new girlfriend, Paige…Yep, you read that right. While Travis was in Afghanistan he was dumped by Paige, who in turn wasted no time in shacking up with Travis’s younger brother, Ryan. To add serious insult to injury, Ryan has also claimed Travis’s car…

This story is about a guy trying to smoothly slide back into his former life while on leave. With the help of Harper, a female friend of the Dayum-she-be-fineeee variety, we discover the deeper than skin effects war can have on a boy in his teens.

So, I made the heinous mistake of picking this book up at something like 10 in the evening and finally kissed the tale of Travis goodbye at 9.15 the following morning. For the record I would have gone forty-eighty hours without sleep for this story. It was that GOOD!

I think this might be the first male narrator in YA that I’ve ever read (not including multiple POV’s) and I’ve got to say I loved it. Trish Doller has a fantastic handle on the male psyche. Boys can be gross and we don’t often see that in YA.

Travis is… *sigh* *feels* *insert GIF of flailing girl* Granted, he’s a little grubby and rough around the edges, but he’s a guy. We’re seeing a guy as a guy is, not filtered through the eyes of his female love interest which was…refreshing.

This story is hard, in that Trish doesn’t sugar coat Travis’s army experience. It pushes that oh shit this is really real button, plants you in Travis’s shoes and leaves an army issue boot print on your heart…not unlike, the fantabulous Courtney Summers does.

If you’re a YA contemp lover I highly recommend giving this one a read.

Note: I know this review was short and sweet, but I’ve got a headache that would level a viking army. Damn you computer glare, damn you!


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