*SPOILER ALERT* There are some scary pictures in this post. I checked and all these movies are certificated 15. Still, if you don’t like horror movies it’s probably best that you don’t scroll down and instead click here!!!!!

I LOVE horror movies. B-movie horrors are my favorite, the kind that are all Plasticine and corn syrup special effects. Think Evil Dead (81). I’m also a huge fan of classic horror, OTT 90s slasher flicks and horror with a paranormal element. In fact the only horror movies I don’t like are the ones that use psychological torture as a plot device…those movies freak me out. For reals. Give me clowns and ghosts over average looking folks any day.

This week for Thursday’s Children I wanted to chat to you guys about some of my favorite horror movie monsters, a little because I enjoy the weird, but mostly because the monsters in my books are inspired by some seriously iconic, seriously creepy, floating, flying, crawling and contorting big screen gross guys. Now, I was going to dish the dirt on the monsters lurking in the pages of In Stone, but then I thought that’s just sucking the fun right out reading my book. So instead, here are some monsters that inspired In Stone and two other projects that I’m currently working on…

First up we have the lovely Kayako Saeki… Up until I watched The Grudge most of the horror movies I’d seen involved some hideously deformed or freakish, mask wearing monster. Not Kayako. She stirs the fear with pale skin and wide eyes. When I started researching scary looks for my characters the picture on the left popped up and I knew that I wanted to write Kayako’s identical twin into a story.

The Grudge

If you follow my twitter feed you might have seen me tweet about this guy. The Creeper. He’s just gross. That scaly skin and those razor-sharp teeth definitely had to make an appearance in one of my books…

Jeepers Creepers

As freaky as faces can be, having no face can be freakier. That’s why these guys from LOTR, Pan’s Labyrinth and HellBoy 2 all make the super scary cut…

Bad guys

Eyes, you guys! How scary are eyes?? You change someones eye color and an instant shit-just-got-real panic sets in. Even ballerinas turn bad ass…sCARY EYES

And I couldn’t write this post without featuring the theme I fear the most but is currently inspiring a WIP…

The excorsim

I guess this concludes our trip down scary-ass-inspiration lane. If you made it this far here, you deserve this. And please, let me know if any movie monsters have been the inspiration behind the creepy characters in your books.

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YA writer. Jedi. Junk food enthusiast. Rumored pink Power Ranger, and avid collector of book boyfriends.

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  1. sugaropal says:

    Aww, cute kitty…who might morph into a crazed eyeball-scratching, face-biting imp from Hell during the middle of the night. I enjoyed my tour of Horrorville, thanks so much! My books tend toward psychological creepiness, monsters in “normal human” suits.

    • bookishblurb says:

      Haha! Loving all these psychiatry tests you’ve been blogging about…and your book sounds awesome. Can’t wait to read.

  2. folioroad says:

    I really hate horror movies. I’m such a wimp! That dude from Pan’s Labyrinth still freaks me out, even years after seeing that movie. TOTALLY good for bad-guy inspiration though, so kudos to you for being so brave and finding inspiration in the creepy!

    • bookishblurb says:

      No way, you’re not a wimp at all. Each to their own. My BFF can’t stand horror. Absolutely hates it 🙂

  3. So far I haven’t had any really scary elements in my stories, but clowns freak me out more than anything!

  4. I’m not sure if he’s my *fave* horror movie character but Freddy Kruger certainly invaded a lot of my dreams when I was a kid. Not exactly in a good way. I haven’t really written any horror but I definitely have dark presences that linger at the back of my character’s minds and I think ‘ole Freddy might be part of the inspiration!

    • bookishblurb says:

      Freddy Kruger, legend in the horror scene. He definitely gave me the scares as a teen. And totally inescapable because everyone has to go to sleep some time…

  5. Kate Frost says:

    No horror movie influences in my stories (doesn’t sit too well with children’s and contemporary women’s fiction) but there’s nothing quite like a really good scary movie. Oh and eyes, they creep me out.

  6. kellyewrites says:

    I love horror too, especially the classics. If you want a real education in horror movies, try the old 1920s and 1930s black and white. Nosferatu is obviously one of the most famous. And as for the eyes, have you seen Salem’s Lot (Stephen King, the original, not any of the remakes)? The scene with little Ralphie Glick always makes the top 50 scariest movie moments, and it’s the eyes that are freakishly scary! You might also consider watching the Japanese remakes in the original, they’re much much more disturbing!

    • bookishblurb says:

      Absolutely. Massive fan of the classics. My dad’s a huge horror buff (I think that’s where the horror love comes from), not to mention Stephen King fan!! 🙂

      • kellyewrites says:

        My cousins live in Maine, one of them delivered pizzas. He got a call to deliver to Mr King’s house, he knew I was a MASSIVE fan and took a copy of Thinner with him. I now have a copy of Thinner, addressed to me, dated and signed by both S King AND R Bachman. Best pressie ever!

  7. karenleehallam says:

    OMG! The Grudge freaked me OUT–it still does. and I saw that ages ago. When I was a kid I always pretended being chased by a madman. I wanted to be an actress (then) But only to play in horror films.
    Well, a lot has changed since then. I cannot handle gore. I flip for a good psycho thriller, though. And I do love Asylum on Netflix–(damn, seen them all). When those bodies contort in unnatural positions–there’s Nothing freakier!

    Now, my teen boys love the mad Horror genre. Enough that one of them wants to design masks for film. You can imagine Halloween at out home. Maybe I’ll write a horror one day–but I might be too. . . scared. Look forward to reading your book.

    • bookishblurb says:

      Hey Karen! Halloween at your house sounds like it will be amazing!!! *shudder* Contorting freaks me out! I’m all right with gore, sort of before the 80s. Not a fan of the torture trend. Can’t like that at all.

      Thank you. I can’t wait for you to read In Stone. I really hope you enjoy it 🙂

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