So, the other day I’m sat around thinking what can I do for my Thursday’s Children blog post? I’m with my eight-year-old nephew and four-year-old niece. We’re watching cartoons, drawing dinosaurs and coloring in pictures of cats. The glitter and glue is out and my niece and nephew are talking about his drawing of a dinosaur. The pair of them talk like a couple of forty years old discussing the current economic climate; totally in depth, deadly serious. My nephew is trying to explain to my niece that his dinosaur is a herbivore. My niece doesn’t understand what that is, so he explains that herbivores don’t eat meat. She says so he eats salad? Like, cucumbers and lettuce? In my head flashes this picture of a dinosaur sat at a table, napkin tucked under his chin, knife and fork in his claws, chowing down on a green bean and avocado salad.

The discussion keeps going until my nephew pulls out his dinosaur file (this quirky little activities book that mum bought him). This book doesn’t leave his side, it’s like a diary. Anyway, I sit there and watch him add my niece to his list of ‘Dinosaur Club’ members. To be a member she has to come up with a dinosaur inspired name. We’ve all got one…I’m Dino Girl. My niece comes up with every name under the sun and just adds ‘osaurus to the end…Felt Tip- osaurus, Vegetable-osaurus, Hello Kitty-osaurus. Before I know it we’ve drawn pictures and created a million new species of dinosaur.

Where am I going with this…

My niece and nephew have enough imagination between them to level a continent. Two weeks ago, at their instance, I was prancing around my back garden playing Witches-StarWars-TennisChampion-Hobbits. Here’s the thing, I spend so much time trying to devise story lines with believable elements and without plot holes, that my mind gets bogged down and my imagination crushed. But I spend one day with these two, and my mind is raring to go again.

So, this Thursday’s Children post goes out to my niece and nephew, and every kid that inspires me, and reminds me to play make believe, and to do it just for fun!

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  1. Kate Michael says:

    I love this post!! Children are well-springs of inspiration. The idea of a dinosaur club ROCKS 🙂

  2. sugaropal says:

    I’d love to see a Hello Kitty-osaurus, lol. I love the Jane Yolen dinosaur book series, they are extremely funny.

  3. Mia Celeste says:

    I’m a Jane Yolen fan, too. And well, isn’t it fun to play with children?

  4. I love this! When my kids were younger, their games were this amazing mashup of characters. Princess Leia and Princess Aurora were always on the run from Judge Frollo and sometimes one of the Lost Boys would drop by to help them out! Even now, when I need help brainstorming, I go to my 12 year old son, who’s never afraid to throw out wildly inventive ideas!

  5. folioroad says:

    It’s true, kids can simplify everything down to its essence. I asked my son the other day why he doesn’t like tomatoes, and his response was, “They just don’t taste good in my mouth.” That’s it. So simple. They can be a really good reminder when we get bogged down with editing or plot bunnies to not sweat the small stuff and just have fun with it.

  6. Fabulous post. Kids are so inspiring. I learn new words all the time from my niece’s Facebook page 😉 I’m also going to now christen myself a Hello Kitty-osaurus!

  7. ddfalvo says:

    My critique partner and I call that imagination riffing–love that. Children know no boundaries when it comes to invention. There’s at least 3 books in that convo. 😀

  8. Kate Frost says:

    Your niece and nephew sound like two cool kids. 🙂 My nephew is only 18 months-old but he’s pretty inspiring too and so interested in everything. Make believe is definitely the way to go!

  9. Laura Oliva says:

    So true! No one makes up stories like kids do.

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