So today on the blog we’re visited by Stephanie Wardrop, author of the Snark and Circumstance novella series from Swoon romance. As a YA contemp romance freak, these books…you guys…these books are brilliant, and as soon as book three is birthed I intend to write a review and barf about their brilliance all over Bookish, but for now a chat with the fabulous Ms. Wardrop…
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Hey Steff!! Thanks for dropping by, tell us…

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Yes, mostly. I went through a phase in elementary school when I wanted to be a pirate and then a veterinarian, but in seventh grade we had to take some aptitude test and the first question was “What do you want to be?” and without thinking I wrote “Writer.”

If you could co-author a project with anyone in the world (dead or alive) who would it be? And why?

I would like to find a really great musician, a band, maybe, and try my hand at writing lyrics to a tune they come up with. I used to do that with Beatles songs when I was a kid, make up new lyrics to amuse my friends. Someone else should sing those lyrics,too, by the way. The only creature on the face of this earth who likes to hear me sing is my cat Peanut. And I have four other cats who think my voice could peel paint, so it’s not that my voice is simply cat-friendly. Far from it. But I wish I could sing and be in a band and write some awesome lyrics and become a cult figure.

You have to relocate to a desert island and are only allowed to take three things with you. What three things are you taking (excluding family & friends)?

Being practical, I’d say water, a boat to get off the island, and sun screen. But if this is pure fantasy and I would get off the island eventually, I would choose a guitar (tuned already) because I will have all the time in the world to learn how to play it, finally; iced tea because I am not sure I could live without the stuff; and how about a handsome guy who thinks I am funny and wildly attractive? That could be a good castaway situation. I would also accept being on that tiny little island with all the rum and Captain Jack Sparrow. We would have a lovely time and could share our eyeliner.

And now, we talk book stuff…

Tell us about the inspiration behind the Snark and Circumstance series…

That one’s easy. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. It had been a long time since i had written anything non-academic so I thought I would just follow a model until I got back into the swing of writing fiction, and I just keep going with it. Off an don, though. I put it away at least three times, deciding it is crap.

Describe Georgia in 3 words?

Misunderstood! No, that’s probably what she would like you to think, but it’s not exactly true. Passionate, satirical, and in-need-of-a-filter. (Could I count that as one word if I insert those hyphens?)

And Michael?

Smart, compassionate, but prideful.

Does the Snark and Circumstance have a playlist? What’s on it?

Oh, yes. A big inspiration was the REM song “Supernatural Superserious” — I wrote a blog post about that for someone, somewhere. In book three, coming up, the playlist is old school punk — Ramones, Clash, Iggy Pop, the Buzzcocks — because that’s what Georgia’s friends’ band plays. The last book is going to sound a lot like Jason Mraz, and not just because he is a cute vegan. I have a Pinterest board that’s the music I listen to when I write, too.

What’s your favorite line from the series so far?

I don’t have one, really, because I actually tend to forget them. It’s as if whatever words were in my head fall right out of it, never to return, once I get those words on paper. So sometimes someone will tell me their favorite line, and I love that, but I am always sort of thinking, “Really? I wrote that?”

And finally, because no author interview would be complete without it…Any advice for aspiring authors out there?

If you feel like your manuscript is going nowhere, and it is giving you fits, put it away. For months, even, if you can. Just walk away from it and start something else. And while you’re working on that, the ideas for your first project will come creeping up on you and then you’ll have it figured out and can get back to it feeling like you have solved the world’s thorniest problem and redeemed your worth as an artist.

This might not be the best advice, though, because it can lead to starting a half dozen projects that you never finish, but I think putting something aside and letting your unconscious work on it for awhile can be really helpful. I know there is some major bazillion-dollar company (maybe Google?) that has its employees do this — they give them one day a week (or something like that) to work on some project unrelated to their work projects and they find that it frees up the brain somehow to make the work projects better when they come back to them. So this is not just my half-assed rationalization for giving up temporarily. It’s solid neuroscience, people.
Thanks so much for having me, Louise. Georgia and Michael enjoyed hanging out with Beau and Jack, even when Beau was a little mean to Georgia. She was actually okay with that because for once she wasn’t the one who needed to apologize 🙂

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