YOU GUYS, In Stone is released today and the lovely Kristen and Julie let me chat about my MC, Beau, over at DeadlyEverafter! Check it…

Deadly Ever After

Today’s Brew:  Starbucks.  Back to Infomercial Land.

by Kristen

In Stone

Our friend Louise Gornall’s book In Stone is available TODAY from Entranced Publishing.  Julie and I asked her if she would take the time to introduce us to one of her characters.  So, everybody, Beau.  Beau, everybody.

I wrote a story about a girl & a gargoyle. My gargoyle, Jack, he’s cool because…well, he’s a gargoyle. A British gargoyle, with a James-Bond-on-speed type lust for danger and protecting the human race. He’s also grabbed a lot of air time of late, and when Kristen and Jules asked me what topic I wanted to blog about I thought, you know what, I want to tell you guys about Beau, my ass-kicking female MC.

Beau walks a fine line between gothic and not. She lives in Doc Martens and wears way too much eyeliner. She collects CDs and comic book crap. Her…

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