HONEY AND MESQUITE an amazing short story by the fantastic Jessa Russo….

the midnight type

Bleeding Heart 1

Good afternoon,  party  people! It’s here. We’re  doing  it…

Today it gives me great pleasure to share with you the first story in our Bleeding Heart  showcase & giveaway.

HONEY & MESQUITE is by the amazing Jessa Russo. Feel free to show Jessa some love for this fantastic story by leaving a comment or dropping by her social media…

Jessa RussoGoodReads | Website | Twitter | Facebook 



Jessa Russo


Limp tendrils of auburn hair caressed the alabaster skin of the corpse as the water lapped at the shore. With each rise of the gentle waves, the girl’s body swayed as though she slow-danced to a solemn song only she could hear. Her breasts, bloated and marred with cuts that no longer bled, protruded from the soft flannel of her shirt. Her clavicle, exposed and split clean in half, stood straight up into the air as though…

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