Entry: LG #1.

Title: Killer Potential.

Genre: YA Thriller.

Word Count: 76,000.

If your MC was an Easter egg, what flavor would she be?

I’d be hot kimchi flavor. Not just hot, hot enough to kill anyone who dared to try and eat me –providing the rotten foot smell of spices, doesn’t frighten them off in the first place.



When seventeen-year-old Yvette is admitted to a psych unit accused of murder, she must prove her innocence by facing the painful memories of her past, and in-turn, confront the drug world that killed her sister.






I hold out my hands expecting to be released from my cuffs. The robust nurse behind the desk doesn’t blink at the raw, red scratches on my wrists. She dips into the drawer at her side, but instead of producing a key, she feeds a shiny, silver pen through my fingers.

They expect me to sign in with my hands still cuffed in front of me. Figures.

Committing my name to paper feels like an admission of guilt and I hesitate. The Pen Pusher clears her throat as the seconds pass by. Her hand shifts and her fingers twitch above the radio on her hip.

Best not make a scene.

As I put pen to paper, an automatic door slams shut at my side causing a shudder to snake down my spine. I try, but fail to keep control of the pen. It skates off the signature line, leaving a big, red scrawl in its wake.

Yvette Gibbs. Barely legible.

That’s me. A messed up signature tucked away in the corner for the benefit of everyone else’s well-being.

My eyes trail the form and find my parent’s names written in dry, blue ink under the space marked parental consent. I look up to see if they’re still around.

No. Of course they’re not.

“Down in one.” The Pen Pusher slides a little cup my way. The lanyard around her neck reads Frieda. She’s large in every way. Broad shoulders, bubble cheeks and a bosom that tests the bounds of her button-up tunic. She has dark skin and wears a smudge of red gloss on her lips.

I watch the pill roll back and forth inside the cup, its round edges smiling up at me. It promises numbness. I reach for it with both hands and swallow it back without hesitation.


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YA writer. Jedi. Junk food enthusiast. Rumored pink Power Ranger, and avid collector of book boyfriends.

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  1. bookishblurb says:

    LG#1: Energizer Bunny leaves you 1 doz. nougat fill Choc. eggs.

  2. Ms. Soccer Bunny says:

    Ms. Soccer Bunny leaves you 1 doz. nougat filled Choc. eggs

  3. Warrior Bunny says:

    Hello, I’m excited to leave you 1 x nougat fill Choc egg

  4. bookishblurb says:

    Professor Bunny — I’d like to leave a chocolate egg basket. Thanks!

  5. bookishblurb says:

    Ski Bunny — 1 doz. nougat fill Choc. eggs.

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