Entry: LG #3.

Title: The Stained Glass Sun and Moon.

Genre: YA/Contemporary.

Word Count: 80,000.

If your MC was an Easter egg, what flavor would she be?

I’d be marshmallow because even though I’ve been through hell, I’m somehow still holding it together. 



If the pregnancy test is negative, sixteen-year-old Jules gets a second chance, but not with her boyfriend. Not after what they did to each other.





I locked myself in the bathroom stall and sat down, clutching the test. To my right, someone flushed, and a group of women by the sinks discussed their jobs. This was not the place I wanted to learn my fate, but I had no choice. If I went home, I risked being caught by my parents, and I couldn’t handle a confrontation after what happened with Jesse tonight. It was better to be surrounded by strangers, even though I suddenly felt both exposed and alone.

“Lauren?” I asked.

“I’m right here,” my best friend answered quickly from the other side of the door and I relaxed enough to tear open the box. The instructions were a confusing blur of diagrams and words, so I tossed them on the floor. I didn’t need a step-by-step on how to pee.

“Jules?” Lauren reached under the door to pick the paper up. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” My hands were shaking so hard I almost dropped the stick in the toilet. “I just forgot how long this is supposed to take.”

She moved her face to the crack in the door and whispered, “Three minutes. I’ll time it with my phone.”

“Hold on.”

“Oh, sorry.” She turned around and I almost laughed at her embarrassment. The only one who should feel that way was me. I’d rushed to Jesse’s side earlier that evening because his voicemail said he needed me. We were supposed to work things out.

Lauren’s face briefly reappeared. “It’ll be better to know for sure.”

She was right. I took a deep breath and forced myself to block out the memories and the symphony of flushes. As soon as the test confirmed I wasn’t pregnant, I could move on with my life. Without Jesse.


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