Hi guys,

So tomorrow, at long last, the Talk Fear series begins. This hashtag/project/campaign was an accident. An amazing accident that I can’t wait to put out into the world. When I asked people if they’d be willing to come over here and talk about what scares them, I was blown away by the response. A thousand thank yous for your support.

Since then, we created a #TalkFear hashtag, and created a place where people could go and talk about their fears/struggles/situations. There’s been a lot of people reaching out to talk about things they didn’t think they could say out loud. I’m so grateful to everyone that has tweeted/RTd/supported this thing, this tiny nut that has grown into a giant tree. You’ve given people a voice.

In case you didn’t know…  

With the help of some amazing friends, we’ve managed to collect an anthology of stories detailing fear and how prominent it is in people’s lives. These stories are all true stories. Real people with real struggles.

I wanted to shine a light on the power of the mind and what it’s capable of. I wanted to do this because my mind –hundreds of thousands of minds– make daily life difficult. And too many people don’t take it seriously. Or they assume what happens in the movies is all there is to mental health. Please note, although some participants are struggling with mental health issues, not all are. Some of the guys are just here to support mental health awareness and showcase how powerful the brain can be.

From tomorrow (Wednesday 1st), I’ll be posting a story a day, Tuesday-Friday. If I can lean on your generosity a little more, I’d love it if you could spread these stories across the internet. We could have ourselves a #MentalHealthAwarness movement going on here 😉

Besides my story, this is probably the last you’re going to hear from me in a little while…

*weeps* *weeps* *weeps*

BUT PLEASE, stick around, there’s safety in numbers!

Once again, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to the ladies and gentlemen that have embraced this project and laid themselves bare. You’re my heroes. And to the brave folks who signed up but decided it was too much to talk about, you are wonderful people. We’ll talk about it next time. Just don’t stop fighting.

I love you guys.

Chat soon,


*I am the gatekeeper of comments on this series. You’re not welcome here if your intention is to troll. Be respectful, and I won’t have to use my Jedi mind tricks on you.* ❤


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