Another one of those accidental things happened yesterday, and I was wondering if I could get your help to keep it moving?

So, I was reading a thing, this thing in fact >>>

Man, that list of conditions that some folks don’t think cause a physical impairment… ARE THEY SERIOUS?! It’s an age old attitude that people with “invisible illness” are becoming over familiar with… because of course, if we can’t see it, you’re not suffering. Barf.

As most of you know, I’m an agoraphobic with OCD… what some of you might not know is that recently, the area where I live has been put under a “Boil Water Notice” by our service provider because they’ve found a parasite in our supply. NICE!

Let me outline my days for you while this has been happening:

Passing out. Lots of that.
Panic attacks. Lots of those too.
Bandaged hands from bleeding skin. (Careful not to overuse that hand sanitizer, kids.)
Sleep deprivation.
So much sleep deprivation I’ve been hallucinating.
Some eating.
No eating.
Some days, a fear so substantial I’m too afraid to leave my bedroom. Think conspiracy theories, terrorism fears, an impending apocalypse, or simply having to move to a different part of the world because our water is gone forever —  if you you can’t relate to this, I am beyond happy for you. Really, I am. But for me, and for millions of others, morbid thought is real. And it is all consuming. Everyone is frightened of something, maybe to get a glimpse of what this feels like, you could consider what it would be like if that one thing you’re afraid of became a constant in your life. Consider always being trapped in a small space, or living your life 35,000 feet in the air, or seeing spiders everywhere you go.

Anyways, you might say over this last couple of weeks I’ve been physically impaired. (

Honestly, if I hadn’t had my parents around, I would be as close to a corpse as you can get.

And now… the campaign. I just want to put mental health in the spotlight again. I NEED to. Not everyone has someone to take care of them like I have. Thinking about how those people struggle tears a hole right through my heart. I want other people to care that much, you know? Or even just to care at all.

Do people rip off the system? Of course they do, but it’s THOSE people that should be punished, not the sick. Just because you can’t see sores, scars, cuts, bruises and bleeding… doesn’t mean it’s not as painful as all hell.

So here’s what I’m asking…

In Shadow
The response has already been unreal! And I am so grateful to everyone that has participated. Thank you so much ❤ But I bet we can make this bigger… So, what do you say, wanna help me try?
Chat soon,

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  1. […] considered a “vulnerable population” unless they have an accompanying physical illness. A friend of mine responded with the #InShadowSelfie campaign for mental health awareness. I am rather in awe of the power of this idea and the huge, […]

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